Capital Typing’s corporate transcription services are guaranteed to meet your deadlines and exceed your quality expectations. We are a professional transcription company that not only produces accurate transcripts, but is also one of the most affordable transcription services your business can access. If you’re looking for a transcription company capable of handling all your corporate transcription, dictation, and typing needs, you can stop looking right now.

What type of corporate material do we transcribe? It’s simple. We can meet practically ALL your business transcription needs: Interview Transcription; Meeting Transcription (business meeting transcription, seminar transcription, minutes, press briefings, panel discussions, speeches, presentations, etc.); Legal Transcription; Conference Transcription; Focus Group Transcription; Multi-Media transcription (including radio talk show transcripts, television show transcripts); Medical Transcription, Academic Transcription, Digital Transcription (audio transcription, video transcription, podcast transcription, etc.).

We use digital voice recordings for our digital transcription services, but we are also a transcription company that is pleased to provide audio transcription services for almost any format. Whatever the medium, we will transcribe your voice recordings into a professional, properly formatted transcript. Our corporate transcription services cater to the needs of SMEs and individuals, as well as multinational corporations. Whatever the size of your transcription project, our attention to detail, accuracy, and our rapid turnaround rate ensure that it will be accomplished to your entire satisfaction.

We accept your recordings in whatever format is available to you:

  • Digital audio files (WAV transcription, MP3, MP4, DSS, etc.)
  • Analog Audio files (cassette transcription)
  • Video transcription
  • Podcast transcription
  • CD & DVD, and more

We have produced transcripts for

  • Production companies
  • Market research firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Multinational corporations
  • Small and Medium sized enterprises …

Our corporate transcription services include

  • Conference / Event transcription
  • Focus Group transcription
  • Earnings Call transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Round Table transcription
  • Podcast transcription
  • Webcast transcription
  • Multimedia transcription (Video transcription with time-coding, etc.)
  • Task force meeting transcription
  • Speeches and Presentation transcription
  • Panel Discussion transcription
  • Training Session transcription
  • General business dictation services

Capital Typing is a multifaceted company that offers language translation and interpretation services, and we outshine other transcription service providers because we provide excellent dictation and transcription services in languages other than English. In this age of globalization, corporate transcription in other languages is increasingly in demand.

Contact Capital Typing today, and your business transcription and dictation worries will soon be history.


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